Like all other artistic mediums, fine art photography encompasses an array of genres including landscape, portrait, nature, and editorial which can then be broken into many more sub-genres. The tools and techniques a photographer uses depends on their preferred genre, style, and personal artistic preferences and point-of-view. There are many tools available to photographers to achieve their desired effects, such as: lenses which allow them to capture images at various depths of field and at varying distances; lights and lighting equipment including reflectors, diffusers, and colored filters; coloured backdrops; various types of film; special photo development processes; and photo manipulation software, to name just a few.


Tony is a warm, down to earth and charismatic individual who has a 30 year tenure within the photography, art and design industries. His professional experience to date spans the photography lifecycle of planning, production and the timely delivery of artistic commercial imagery. Tony attributes most of his success to a Fine Arts Degree he completed, whereby he learnt invaluable hand drawing skills that he still employs within his portfolio today. He applies illustration techniques to manipulate light, shade and enhance details in order to produce an image that is unique. He believes this has enabled his work to be a point of difference in a saturated market of digital photographers. Described as a creative thinker he also utilises his skills and expertise in order to convey a theme, tell a story and evoke emotion within the audience.